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Probably all of us have heard about the alarming impact of the fashion industry on our planet..

Therefore, when the idea of crafting a line of activewear was born, we knew we had a responsibility to make a difference. Our vision was clear: the clothes we design must embody environmental consciousness without compromising on style or comfort.

Driven by our commitment to sustainability, we embarked on a journey to source sustainable materials. We were unwavering in our pursuit to ensure that every aspect, from our activewear to packaging, adhered to our strict standards of high quality, durability, and eco-friendly production

This journey had its challenges, especially for a small and upcoming business. However, after an extensive search, we discovered a material that met all our criteria.

We are very happy to present our sustainable activewear line - ramù. Through our small steps, we aim to inspire a larger movement towards sustainable fashion, where every choice can contribute to protecting our beautiful planet.

Join us on this meaningful journey towards a greener future. Together, let's make a positive impact, one eco-friendly garment at a time.


ECONYL® regenerated polyamide is made from waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth, such as fishing nets, discarded carpets and other waste materials found in the ocean and landfill.



ECONYL® regeneration process starts with rescuing waste otherwise polluting the earth, such as fishing nets, carpet flooring, fabric scraps and other industrial plastic from all over the world. That waste is then thoroughly cleaned to recover all of the nylon that is possible.


Through a radical regeneration process, the nylon waste is recycled back to it's original purity. That means that ECONYL® regenerated nylon is exactly the same in its quality as a regular nylon.


ECONYL® regenerated nylon is then processed into yarns and polymers that are later used in fashion and interior industries. This nylon has the potential to be recycled infinitely, without ever losing its quality.  
Our first product line includes sustainable yogawear collection that feels great for your body and is good on the planet. All our clothes and packaging are made from sustainable materials and we use fair labor practices, so you can be proud that your purchase is made in a sustainable & ethical way. At ramù, we believe that looking good and feeling good should go hand in hand with doing good for the environment!
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